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GeteMenu Restaurant solution is iPad and android tablet based emenu Application allows restaurants,bar to display menus with dynamic update through live CMS.
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Welcome to Digital Menu Solution

Get-e-Menu is a Restaurant Digital Menu Application Supported on iPAD, Android based Tablets and LCD screens, it gives complete flexibility to update the menu online from anywhere through purpose build Secure Content Management System (CMS).


Get-e-Menu as a Full Service Restaurant Application

Complete Menu with Ordering Supporting 7 Languages currently

Order On-the-Go

Get-e-Menu restaurant digital menu application is very cost effective that offers digital restaurant menu solution and it gives flexibility to integrate with any POS.

Fast Turnaround Time

Integrated the advanced food ordering process within the application so that customers spend less time on the tables and waiting for the menu and the bill. It offers great flexibility and confidence to the customer with real images of the menu.


Get-e-Menu is a simple and user friendly application. Allows waiters or customers to make order easily and send to kitchen printer.

Multi Languages Support

Multi-language menu pad feature removes the language barrierby easily extending your menu Items into 7 languages and receivedprinted order in your preferred language.

Monitor and Improve Staff Performance

Enhances staff efficiency thatserves customers in a well-organized manner. A driving force for continuous improvement and increase customer satisfaction.

Content Management System

Manage food Menus, Ingredients, Prices, Images, Users and more with one single click.


Manage Categorized restaurant food Menu immediately and react as per dynamic market conditions. It provides you great flexibility to make any time happy hour any specific time and date very easily

A Unique Dining Experience

Impress customers through a memorable and everlasting dining experience with Get-e-Menupad Application.

Complete Control

Get-e-Menu is a secure cloud-based solution and is accessible from anywhere with .


% Increase Sale


% Save Labour Cost


% Customer Satisfaction


% Increase Avg. Billing Size

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To bring new style and creativity in your food menu through digital restaurant and a rich customer experience with a unique image of your restaurant in the customers’ minds Get-e-Menu digital restaurant menu is the opportunity to stand out of the crowd and attract more customers with electronic menu food ordering system.

Get-e-Menu enables a new generation solution it displays and utilize single information space to fully manage the financial, dynamic menu and restaurant digital marketing with the integration of social media and particular it can increase the Facebook likes with distinguished restaurant guest likes and positive comments.

It reduces human resource costs and increase profits with restaurant up selling. Get-e-Menu electronic menu solution effectively address the customer wishes. Powerful face book marketing tools of the Get-e-Menu system is in demand on the market, facilitating the company to maintain the high growth. It concludes that your restaurant will be well above the annual performance from the Market.

The solution enables a new generation of Get-e-Menu in a single information space to fully manage the financial, material and human resources of an enterprise of restaurant industry, to reduce costs and increase profits, and effectively address the abuses of staff. Powerful tools of the system are in demand on the market, allowing the company to maintain high growth, well above the annual performance of the Restaurant Market.


Want to Try our Product Get-e-Menu System


Request for Demo and try our Get-e-Menu System for Restaurants, Pubs and Bars. It is fully customize able electronic food menu it provides great flexibility to update the menu name, pictures, and prices and even full menu instantly.

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